CREAM-IV Major Milestones

Jan:  Delivery & mechanical fit-check of upper structure
Mar 12:  Delivery of recovered CREAM-III detector systems.
Mar-May:  Refurbishment of detector systems.
Apr 14-18:  Assembly of the upper structure.
May 5-9:  Integration of TCD.
May 12-16:  Integration of Chercam.
Jun. 3:  Integration of the SCD.
Jun. 3:  Mechanical integration of the CD.
May-Jun:  Integration and long term burn-in.
Jul 7:  Shipping instrument to CSBF.
Jul 9-31:  Integrate instrument with CDM & balloon-craft buildup at CSBF.
Aug. 1-5: Hang-test and long term burn-in at CSBF.
Aug. 20: Mission Readiness Review .
Aug. 18: GSE sea containers ship to the ICE from CSBF.
Aug. 28: Instrument sea container ship to the ICE from CSBF.
Sep. 8: Instrument sea container arrive at Christchurch, NZ.
Oct. 23: Mission Operations Review.
Nov. 7 (NZT) : First 5 launch crews arrive at McMurdo
Nov. 9-30 (NZT): Integrate instrument with CDM & balloon-craft building at Willie Field
Dec. 1 (NZT): Hang-test at Willie Field, CREAM-IV Flight ready
Dec. 3 (NZT): WFF Flight Readiness Review (FRR)

Dec. 19 11 AM (NZT): Launch
Jan. 7 2009 (NZT): Termination of the flight
Jan. 22 2009 (NZT): 1st recovery flight (Basler)
Jan. 23 2009 (NZT): 2nd recovery flight (Basler)
Jan. 27 2009 (NZT): 3rd recovery flight (Basler) Completion of recovery