Boron and Carbon Cosmic rays in the Upper Stratosphere

BACCUS Launch ready, Nov 28th, 2016

at 415am (ice, gmt+13) science gave a GO to take baccus to the flightline. nico confirmed all available data paths through soc, detector systems gave a GO based on most current data, SFC temp issue from yesterday was solved by use of temporary heaters, and SFC systems were verified

now baccus will be taken to the ballon launch site (aka flight line) along with the balloon equipment. it will take 2-3 hours to prep, layout the balloon, and fill. in the meantime, were collecting muons with flight mode through los. this data will be used by detector systems to give go.
at 6am ice time (12 noon est in soc) we need to verify tdrss (previously unavailable) with soc asap in order to give a GO for launch from the command/telemetry side(along with the other GOs necessary). The balloon will not be layed out or filled until tdrss and flight mode are confirmed by soc. science will provide our GO call after this is done.