Boron and Carbon Cosmic rays in the Upper Stratosphere

Launch Attempt, Nov 28th, 2016 (11/27/16 EST)

BACCUS was rolled out to outside at 2:30 am, 11/28 (local).

Due to probably low temp (~ 0C~5C), data flow was stopped during the connection test. We opened one side cover of the payload
to make sure SFC1 status, and found it still worked well.
We rebooted the SFC1 and continued the test,
and it came out PcmEnc/TDRSS data/commands were OK.
SOC started flight mode.
TRD HV was turned off for safe (it started unstable with temp. down).
Then, CSBF brought the payload to the launch pad.
They are waiting for wind align with launch direction now.
The balloon is not pulled out yet.
Ki Chun