CREAM Flight 2010

CREAM-VI Launch Video


CREAM launched

What a beautiful launch!

I would like to thank CSBF folks on the Ice for their tireless effort for this perfect launch after 3 attempts/cancellations in 3 days. Needless to say, this successful launch could not have been possible without supports from NASA, CSBF, NSF/OPP and RPSC.

Thank you all for you strong support for CREAM!

Eun-Suk Seo

Re: CREAM-VI balloon inflation began

What a beautiful launch!

Let me thank the Ice crew who have been on the Ice for a long time.

Congratulations to all!


[ICE-33] No Vortex yet in 10 days, Dec. 7th 2010

The Polar vortex will not quite set up on 12/16
according to the 10 day forecast.
(The center of the anti-clock-wise cyclone will not set up)

I presented the recovery plan draft to Gabe.
MH arrived in Christchurch safely.

It was clear/warm/not windy today.


[ICE-32] ULDB balloon, Dec. 6th 2010

ULDB balloon was moved into the PLB 1 and seated beside the CREAM-VI.
We have no problem accessing the payload.
(Attached please find the floor pictures)

Dr. Nam, Koo Hyun's snow school schedule was changed to Dec. 28/29.
YS is leaving Dec. 9th and Dr. Lee, MH is going to arrive in ICE at the same day.

It was warm/clear/a bit windy.
The Polar vortex will not be set up perfectly on Dec. 15 according to the 10 day forecast.
(The anti-clock-wise wind strength of the center of the cyclone will be still weak on the day.)