CREAM-PRCU Testing Summary, Oct. 6th, 2016

The End-to-End testing went well.
From the CREAM Science Operation Center (SOC), we ...
        - established a remote connection to the payload through the PRCU
        -commanded the payload and received telemetry through the PEHG and LEHz
        -confirmed STELLA settings on the payload and ground
        -confirmed both POIC timeliners and execution of new POIC delegated commands
        -completed science data playbacks through the HOSC SFTP method and through CREAM DAQ software
During this test, we saw significantly less data loss than during the last End-to-End test. Analysis is on-going.
In addition to data analysis, we are also looking into the following:
1. We could not confirm all the health and status because POIC display displayed incorrect names for some items.
         -I'm working with Ashley on this. She will send a screenshot including MSIDs which we can use to confirm health and status and then, work with Robbie to get the correct names in the display.
2. We had trouble retrieving science data stored at the HOSC from the Data Set Request & Status area.
-I'm working with Dennis on this. He confirmed that we will not have this problem with flight data since it is automatically stored to be retrieved by Data Set Request & Status. He'll check with MSFC Data to send clarification on test data storage.
Thank you,