MSFC Payload Operations Integration Working Group (POIWG) Meeting #35, January 27-29, 2014

MSFC Payload Operations Integration Working Group (POIWG) Meeting #35
Marshall Space Flight Center, January 27-29, 2014

External Payloads Splinter
Monday, 27 January 2014

1:00pm Welcome/ Introductions – Craig & Tessa
1:15pm Walkthrough of Baseplate – Jose Ruiz
1:25pm ISS Attitude Overview for External Payloads – Jose Ruiz/ Darrin Walker
STP-H5 LITES Calibration Attitude and HREP-RAIDS Science Attitude
2:25pm Russian Module Status – Mana Vautier/ Telecon
2:50pm Break
3:00pm Scheduling Robotic Ops – DX261Telecon
3:35pm Submitting External Imagery Requirements to the ISS Program – Steve McGrath/ Darrin Walker/ Robert Plunkett
External Camera Locations
External Camera Radius Assessment
4:05pm JEM Airlock Usage & Impacts On Robotics Scheduling – Jimmy Whitaker/ Steve Huning/ Telecon
4:25pm Overview of BAD, PAD, & GNC Data – Valeta Wheeler

General Topics/ Payload Overviews
Tuesday, 28 January 2014

8:30am Introduction/Agenda – Tim Horvath
8:35am Introductions- Around the Room - Pass the Microphone
8:50am ISS Utilization Efficiencies – MaryBeth Edeen
9:05am POIF Improvement Initiatives – Carmen Price
9:15am Payload Template Improvement Initiatives – Ryan Prouty
9:25am PD Training – Nancy Hallmark
9:40am HOSC Distributed Video – Hugh Cowart
9:55am Modified Columbus Operations Concept – German Zoeschinger

10:10am Break

10:25am Ku Forward – Ann Bathew
11:00am TReK Information – Michelle Schneider
11:10am ORBIT Overview, Demo, Future Plans – Michael Rasmussen
11:25am HFIT Introduction – Michael Brown
11:40am IPLAT Introduction – Dan Carr
IPLAT Atomic Clock Initial Label Evaluation
11:55am OPTIMIS Status – Paul Gramm
12:10pm LUNCH
1:15pm Safety Requirements Updates – Patrick Mitchell, Helen Vacarro
Status on Safety Process Updates
Safety Requirement Revamping Effort
1:30pm JEM Airlock Ops/Constraints – Jimmy Whitaker
1:45pm Visiting Vehicle Unpack and Initial Ops Reqs – Cindy Grant
1:55pm Visiting Vehicle Cold Stowage Operations – Ken Hartensteiner
2:10pm Orbital Pre-LaunchProcess – Susan Hutchinson
2:20pm SpaceX Early Destow Return – Susan Hutchinson
2:30pm HRP Increment 39/40 Overview – Anya Spadaccini
2:45pm HRP Increment 41/42 Overview – Nikki Schwanbeck
3:00pm Break
3:15pm CASIS – Renee Garifi
3:30pm Seedling Growth-2 – David Heathcote
3:45pm Fruit Fly Lab – Zhe Lu
4:00pm DECLIC – Gabriel Pont
4:15pm Meteor Payload (WORF) – Mike Fortenberry
4:30pm CREAM Payload – Ian Howley
4:45pm AMS – Ken Bollweg
4:30pm Bus Departs for Activities Bldg

5:00-6:00pm ISS Utilization Effeciencies Roundtable – Mary Beth Edeen

Increment Specific Topics And Payload Overviews
Wednesday, 29 January 2014

8:00am Introduction/Agenda – Pat Patterson
8:05am Increment 37/38 Status – Becky Grimaldi

INC 39/40
8:15am Inc 39/40 Increment Management Team and IPM Overview – G Patel, Yuri Guinart-Ramirez, Pat Patterson
9:00am Inc 39/40 Flight Director – Greg Whitney

INC 41/42
9:30am Inc 41/42 Increment Overview – Randy Morris
Inc 41/42 Increment Science Overview – Vic Cooley
Inc 41/42 Payload Operations Status – Rick Rodriguez

10:30am Break

Payload Overviews
10:45am METERON Activities (OPSCOM-2) – B. USOC (Via Telecom)
11:00am JAXA Operations Streamlining – Akio Koike
LTL Pump Failure and NWF
11:10am JAXA Utilization Overview for Increment 39/40 – Yuji Abiru
OIP for JPLO Off Console
11:30am JAXA Utilization Overview for Increment 41/42 – Naoya Nakate

11:45am Lunch

1:00pm CSA Inc 37/38 Status – Daniel Provencal
1:15pm CSA Inc 39/40 Status – Louis Grenier
1:30pm Space Test Program Payload Status – R. Plunkett and S. McGrath
SWATS Door Open
2:00pm ESA Inc 39/40 Ops Overview – Bert Meisinger, Nicole Vagt
2:15pm ESA Inc 39/40 Science Overview & ESA Inc 41/42 ISS Utilization Outlook – Hilde Stenuit
2:45pm MUSC/MSL Payload Operations Overview – Patrick Hambloch
3:00pm DAMEC Payload Operations Overview – DAMEC, Poul Knudsen
3:15pm CADMOS Payload & Experiments Operations Overview – CADMOS, Alain Maillet
3:30pm Nanoracks Activities – Rob Alexander
3:45pm Bioculture System – Sarah Mitchell
4:00pm RRM - Background, Phase 2 Ops, Current Status – Rory Casey
4:15pm SPHERES Facility Overview – Aric Katterhagen
4:30pm RapidScat – Tricia Cartee
Action Item Summary/Wrap Up – Pat Patterson/Tim Horvath

3:30pm HOSC Tour
4:30pm BUS Departs for Activities Bldg
6:30pm SOCIAL – Rick and Tessa's Chili Social and Directions to House

Thursday, 30 January 2014

REBR-W Splinter
VES Usage Splinter
Orbit Screen Preview S2
METERON Splinter
Ku Forward Splinter