MSFC Payload Operations Integration Working Group (POIWG) Meeting #37, January 26-29, 2015

MSFC Payload Operations Integration Working Group (POIWG) Meeting #37
Marshall Space Flight Center, January 26-29, 2015

External Payloads Splinter
Monday, 26 January 2015

1:00 Welcome and Introductions C. Cruzen/T. Lucas/Pass the Mic
1:15 ELC LVPS Over Temperature Mitigation Status Fernando Gonzalez & Brian Rhone* 1:30 Baseplate Walkthrough Jose Ruiz*
1:35 Russian Module Update Mana Vautier*
1:45 Robotics Operations and MSS KOZ Overview Dennis Bentson & Tyler Minish
2:15 RapidScat Data Return & Thermal Discrepancies Glenn Havens*
2:45 ADCO Operations Overview Chris Re
3:15 ISS Trajectory Data for ISS Payload Customers Jim Cooney*
3:40 Attitude & Pointing Concepts for ISS Payload Ops Matt Dunne
4:00 Access to Attitude/Trajectory/Ephemeris Data Group Discussion
4:10 External Wireless 101 Tom Basciano*
4:20 RAPTR Overview for PDs Wade Geiger
4:30 Conclusion Craig Cruzen
4:30 – 5:00 Genius Bar

General Topics/ Payload Overviews
Tuesday, 27 January 2015

 8:30 Introduction/Agenda Tim Horvath
8:35 Introductions - Around the Room Pass the Mic
9:00 ISS Program Status Kenny Todd
9:15 Payloads Program Status Mary Beth Edeen
9:30 Revolutionize ISS for Science and Exploration (RISE) Ryan Prouty
10:00 Payload Software Updates: Process Improvements Michael Coats
10:15 Astronaut Office Presentation Tom Marshburn
10:30 Break
10:45 POIC pre-tactical support Dennis Botts
11:00 What’s New at the HOSC Sparky Goodman
11:15 POIF SharePoint Status and Changes B. Grimaldi
11:25 ORBIT Spiral 3 Overview Mike Rasmussen
11:40 HFIT-IPLAT presentation Rich Ellenberger
11:55 LUNCH
1:15 Photo T/V compact flash cards Steven Berenzweig (telecon)
1:30 PDL inputs Lessons Learned Ashley Townsend
1:40 Execute Tailored Procedures (XTP) Status Lamar Stacy
1:55 Crew Debriefs in Huntsville P. Patterson, Y. G.-Ramirez
2:00 Planning system and timeline viewer status Paul Gramm
2:15 Plug in plan Process Kevin Moore (telecon), M. Enright
2:30 Launch Campaign Planning Brienne Shkedi
2:45 Visiting Vehicle Cold Stowage Packing and Operations Ken Hartensteiner
3:00 Capillary Beverage Mark Weislogel
3:15 IMAX payload status Toni Myers
3:30 Saffire Payload Overview Vickie Krall
3:45 Break
4:00 CREAM David Angelaszek
4:15 SPHERES Aric Katterhagen
4:30 AMS Science Dr. Veronica Bindi, UofHawaii

Increment Specific Topics And Payload Overviews
Wednesday, 28 January 2015

8:00 Introduction/Agenda Becky Grimaldi
8:05 Inc 41/42 Status Rick Rodriguez
8:25 CSA Special Topic Stefanie Ruel
INC 43/44
8:30 Inc 43/44 Overview D. Bach, L. Leech, C. Romero, J. Sotomayor, B. Grimaldi
9:15 Inc 43/44 Flight Director Scott Stover
INC 45/46
9:45 Inc 45/46 Increment Presentation G. Patel, D.Cook, J.Love, S.Dudley
10:15 Break
10:30 HRP Inc 43/44 Kevin Rosenquist
10:45 HRP Inc 45/46 Kristen Kinder
Payload Overviews
11:00 JAXA Status (JJ) Keiichiro Sakagami
11:10 JAXA Inc 43/44/45/46 Utilization Overview Yasuyuki Watabe
11:30 CSA Inc 43/44 payload overview Stefanie Ruel
11:45 ESA Inc 43/44 Big Picture ESA MD/Roland Luettgens
12:00 ESA Inc 43/44 ISS Utilization Overview ESA MSO/
12:15 LUNCH
1:00 CADMOS operations in Inc 43/44 CADMOS/Alain Maillet
1:15 DAC operations in Inc 43/44 DAC/ Thomas Andersen
1:30 EML Payload Operations Status and Overview MUSC/A. Diefenbach
1:45 Biolab Rack Operations and MSL Operations Status/Outlook MUSC/P. Wever
2:00 Kubik experiment operations Biotesc
2:15 Rodent Research 1 success/overview of RR2 and RR3 Ann Kapusta
2:30 Seedling Growth 2 Ops Status Dave Heathcote
2:45 Seedling Growth 3 Payload Overview Mona Schiefloe
3:00 CASIS Payload Overview Robbie Hampton
3:15 MUSES Payload Overview Randy Miller
3:15 HOSC Tour – Bus Departs to POIC
3:30 BRIC-21 Payload Overview Dinah Dimapilis
4:00 Action Item Summary/Wrap Up Becky Grimaldi/Tim Horvath


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Thursday, 29 January 2015