Former Group Members

Former Group Members:

Name Role / Field Working Period Following Work Location
Ahn, Eun-Joo Visiting Student(Seoul National Univ.) 2000 FNAL
Ahn, HoSeok Research Associate, Ph.D. 1999-2010 Unknown
Amare, Yonas Geographical Information Systems 2007-2012 Unknown
Anstine, Thomas Physics 2014 Univ. of Maryland
Alford, Ronanld Wayne Physics/Computer Science 2000-2002 Univ. of Maryland
Arnold, Harry Physics and Astronomy 2012-2013 Univ. of Maryland
Bae, Daniel Physics 2012 Univ. of Maryland
Bhatti, Aumber Computer Science 2000-2001 NASA GSFC
Bhoyar, Prashant Graduate Research Assistant, ENPM 2007-2009 Unknown
Choi, MinJung Physics Unknown KIAS, Korea
Chang, Chin K. Lab Manager 2009-2010 Unknown 
Cheriyan, Kevin Physics and Astronomy 2012-2016 Reston, VA
Chin, SungO Visiting Student 2004-2005 Unknown
Danielvich, Evgeny Lab Assistant, M.S. 2009-2011 CERN
Dunlow, Michael Physics 2013-2014 Unknown
Eaton, Jeremy Martin Physics 2007-2010 UC Irvine
Ebongue, Christiane Physics 2011-2014 Univ. of Maryland
Faddis, Ike Physics 2013-2014 Univ. of Maryland
Fields, Brian Lab Assistant 2012-2013 Purdue University
Frys, Jon Physics 2012 Univ. of Maryland
Gajewski, Devin Undergraduate Student, Computer Science 2015 Univ. of Maryland
Ganel, Opher Assistant Research Scientist, Ph.D. 1997-2008 Knowledge Web LLC
Graves, Matthew Physics 2006-2007 Univ. of Maryland
Green, David Michael Physics 2009-2010 Univ. of Maryland
Guerci, Raymond Physics 2012-2013 Guerci Consulting
Gupta, Mayank Electrical Engineer, M.S. 2011-2013 Bloomberg
Haque, Azharul Electrical Engineering 2006-2012 Lockheed Martin, Hanover, MD
Han, JiHye
Graduate Student, Chemical Physics 2004-2015 TBD
Han, Sangkyo Graduate Research Assistant, ENEE 2007-2009 Univ. of Maryland
He, Xinghua Electrical Engineering 2002-2003 Univ. of Maryland
He, Guowei (George) Electrical Engineering 2004-2005 Univ. of Maryland
Howley, Ian Research Associate, Ph.D. 2013-2014 NASA MSFC
Jia, Lin Electrical Engineering 2000-2001 Unknown
Jin, JungMi Material Science 1994-1997 NJ
Joh, Jungwoo Graduate Research Assistant, ENEE 2015 Univ. of Maryland
Kang, Hoyoung Physics 2014-2015 Univ. of Maryland
Kang, Tagil Philosophy of Science 2002-2005 Univ. of Maryland
Kara, Tariq (Rick) Electrical Engineering /Computer Science 1998-2001 Unknown
Kim, ChanHo Electrical and Computer Engineering 2005-2007 UC Davis DART Lab
Kim, Justin Junghee Electrical Engineering 2015 Univ. of Maryland
Kim, Thomas Professional Master's Program 2002-2003
King, Paul Physics and Math 2012-2014 Univ. of Maryland
Khan, Tousif Undergraduate Student, Engineering   Univ. of Maryland
Kline, Chris Physics 2013-2014 Univ. of Maryland
Kossin, Michael Undergraduate Student, Physics   Univ. of Maryland
Kwashnak, Kenneth Laboratory Assistant 2011-2014
Kwon, BumJun Electrical and Computer Engineering 2013 Univ. of Maryland
Langford, Tom Physics/Astronomy 2005 Univ. of Maryland
Lee, Moo Hyun Assistant Research Scientist, Ph.D. 2000-2014 IBS, Korea
Lee, Sang Eun Research Associate, Ph.D. 2008-2010 CERN
Liu, Ling Professional Master's program 2001-2003 Univ. of Maryland
Ludwig, Kevin Physics 2010-2011 Univ. of Maryland
Mahabir, Alexander Computer and Information Science 2005-2006 Unknown
Malinin, Alexander Research Associate, Ph.D. 2000-2013 Unknown
Meade, James Laboratory Assistant 2012-2014
Massa, Sam Undergraduate Student, Mechanical   Univ. of Maryland
Murphy, Jacob Undergraduate Student, Physcis   Univ. of Maryland
Moldoveanu, Florin Physics 1997-1998
Myers, Zachary Daniel Philosophy 2001-2004 Captain, Corps of Engineers, 1 SET Comd, 1 ESU, Canada
Noh, Seunjoo Undergraduate Student, Mechanical    Univ. of Maryland
Page, Alexander A
Physics 2009-2011 Univ. of Michigan
Park, Nahee Visiting Student(Ewha Womans Univ.) 2006 Univ. of Chicago
Rienstra, Robert Undergraduate Student   Univ. of Maryland
Rodriguez, Ken Physics 2011-2012 Univ. of Maryland
Ryu, Sangsu Research Associate, Ph.D. 2008-2009 KISTI
Schindhelm, Eric Robert Physics 2001-2003 Univ. of Colorado
Seto, Ashley Mechanical Engineering 2013 Univ. of Maryland
Shin, Taeksu Research Associate, Ph.D. 2012-2013 IBS, Korea
Sim, Gibaik Physics 2013 Korea University
Sina, Ramin Physics 1997 -2006 Digital Signal Corporation
Smith, Brian Paul Physics 2008-2009 Unknown
Sohr, Erin Physics 2007-2008 Univ. of Maryland
Sparks, Dakota Physics 2014 Univ. of Maryland
Speyer, Daniel Computer Science 2002-2005 Microsoft
Sydney, Anish Aerospace Engineering 2007-2009 Univ. of Maryland
Sydney, Nitin Aerospace Engineering 2007-2009 Univ. of Maryland
Syed, Asif Naqui Chemical Physics 2001-2002 Unknown
Syed, Sujat Misband Telecommunication 2001-2004 Unknown
Szymczak, Andrew Joseph Physics 2009-2010 Univ. of Maryland
Taufique, Yousuf Undergraduate Student, Physics   Univ. of Maryland
Tervala, Justin Physics and Astronomy 2012-2014 Univ. of Maryland
Tian, Zhongzheng Physics 2013 Univ. of Maryland
Toptygin, Alexey Physics/Computer Science 1999-2001
Torkashvan, Kayvan Physics 2013 Univ. of Maryland
Tylka, Joseph Physics 2009-2012 Princeton U.
Van Bael, Bjorn Physics 2005-2006 Univ. of Maryland
Vartanyan, Aram Physics 2006-2009 Univ. of Maryland
Walpole, Peter Lab Manager 2005-2008 Southwest Research Institute
Wang, Jianzhong Physics 1995-2001 Ohio State University
Xiang, Huiping Electrical Engineering 2003-2005 Univ. of Maryland
Yon, Bret Physics 2013-2014 Univ. of Maryland
Yoo, JoonHyuk Electrical and Computer Engineering 2005-2007 Korea University, Korea
Yoon, Young Soo Research Associate, Ph.D. 2004-2014 IBS, Korea
Zhang, Hongqiang Electrical Engineering 2002-2005 Univ. of Maryland
Zinn, Sonny Y. Physics 2004-2006 Promogen, Inc.
Zuckerman, David Physics 2011-2013 George Mason School of Law

Undergraduate Student, Physics and Astronomy


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