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  • 34th Int. Cosmic Ray Conf., The Hague, Netherlands, 2015
  1. Cosmic Ray Energetics And Mass: from balloons to the ISS, E.S. Seo et al.
  2. Top and Bottom Counting Detectors for the ISS-CREAM experiment, J.M. Park et al.
  3. Design and Performance of the ISS-CREAM Boronated Scintillator Detector, J.T. Link et al.
  4. Design, Fabrication and Performance of the Silicon Charge Detector for the ISS-CREAM, J. Lee et al.
  • 33rd Int. Cosmic Ray Conf.,  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2013
  1. Cosmic Ray Energetics And Mass for the International Space Station (ISS-CREAM),  E.S. Seo et al.
  2. Study of radiation effects on CREAM electronics,  Y. AMARE et al.
  3. Results of Tests and Simulations for the Top Counting Detector and Bottom Counting Detector of the ISS-CREAM Experiment,   J. PARK et al.
  4. Development of Top/Bottom Counting Detectors for the CREAM Experiment on the ISSH. Hyun et al.
  5. The Data Acquisition System for CREAM of the International Space StationD. ANGELASZEK et al.
  6. The ISS-CREAM Boronated Scintillator DetectorT. ANDERSON et al.


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