CREAM Flight 2004

Launch Video

Launch Dec. 16, 5:28 pm NZT

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CREAM 2004 Flight Status Archive

Monday,17 Jan

Congratulations to all! CREAM broke the LDB duration record of 31 days and 20 hrs last night, January 16, at ~7:40 pm EST. The earlier record was set by the TIGER flight in the 2001-2002 campaign.Current projection of the trajectory, at the current speed,is for CREAM to be back to the Ross Ice Shelf this weekend friday/saturday.Enjoy the rest of the ride and buckle up for the landing.


Friday,14 Jan

Tick tick tick.CREAM is about to break the record. Just two more days to go for the new record! Keep praying and wishing for the balloon trajectory to stay with the 78 deg latitude and to have a nice clear calm landing day in about a week for a perfect recovery near McMurdo :)


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