CREAM Flight 2007

Animated GPS Trajectory with original data

Made by Azzi.

Launch Video

Launch Dec. 19, 3:29 AM NZT

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CREAM Flight 2007


Miracles can happen.

We made it out to CREAM today and over a nine hour period completely disassembled the instrument. Terri, Yoann, Larry Fox from CSBF and worked like crazy to complete as much as possible in one day, since the threat of only one flight has been hanging over our heads. Thanks to our amazing pilots, Jim and Louis, who were willing to spend extra time on the ice and can load a plane till it bursts, we got about 80% of CREAM back to McMurdo. All the major instrument systems are in except two calorimeter trays. Otherwise, the pre-cut palette, TCD support structure, frame uprights and diagonals along with a couple bags of cables remain. They are scheduled for pickup as part of two flights tomorrow. It is unclear if any of us will go along. We will find that out at 7AM, so I need some sleep.

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CREAM Flight 2007 Archive

CREAM Termination

Thank you for the good news, David. I would like to thank NASA, CSBF, NSF, and RPSC for the excellent support. Hope the recovery goes smooth and easy.

CREAM achieved a cumulative exposure of almost 100 days (just about 2 day short) with this flight of ~ 28 days. Both the science instrument and the support system worked great throughout the flight. The quality of the team work has again been demonstrated in this highly successful campaign. The balloon performance was just outstanding. The trajectory was the most beautiful one I have ever seen. The balloon was coming back to McMurdo after each round as if it knows where McMurdo was. What a great ride!

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