CREAM Flight 2009

CREAM landing

Hi all;

The CREAM payload has landed and all indications are that the
parachute detached properly. The payload is 187 nautical miles from
McMurdo, within an amazing 1100 ft or so of the continental traverse,
in an area known to be good (free of crevasses). If the cloud cover
permits, we may have high resolution satellite imagery showing the
CREAM payload within a couple of days. At this time, it is not
projected that the first flight (likely twin otter) to the payload can
occur before a week from now.



I had a surprise today. The NSF's aircraft contract ends on 1/27 this season unlike nominal ~Feb 6-10. In other words, we can not count on the recovery support at the end of the 4th orbit. Since we want to get the payload back this season, we are going to terminate the flight as it completes its 3rd orbit.

Be prepared to take the shut down procedure some time tonight/early tomorrow.

Recovery crew on the Ice,
Be prepared for the termination flight and the recovery.

Thank you for your cooperation,

CREAM V Launched

Congratulations to all! CREAM has just been launched. This makes the earliest launch in LDB. We always planned to be flight ready by December 1 despite the fact that there was no such early launch before. It is finally realized to launch on December 1!

Hope the instrument setting and data taking go easy and smooth to minimize any dead time.

Looking forward to breaking our own flight duration record this season,


1st launch attempt --Dec 1, 7 am EST

The first launch attempt will be 1 AM (NZT) / 7 AM (EST) tomorrow as shown in the campaign manager's note below.  This is earlier than initially anticipated. SOC needs to be manned starting from 5 am (EST).

If we make it, this will be the earliest launch in LDB. It looks like we have as good a shot at a very long flight as we could get.

Good luck to all of us,

Approaching the launch

The circulation is setting nicely. The pathfinder trajectory is close to what was predicted by the model. The 5 and 10 day forecasts of last few days looked like what was expected for 10-15 December in the past. The launch pad is getting ready and the boss will be tested as soon as the pad is ready as shown in the SITREP below.  We will hear about the launch pad condition sunday afternoon, EST. Considering the local weather condition, SOC does not have to be maned tomorrow, but stand by for further notice. The local weather is expected to improve after the weekend. If the local weather gets favorable to launch, our launch could be as early as Monday, 11/30 EST.

Ice crew,
Have a good rest over the weekend.

All the best,