CREAM Flight 2008

CREAM-IV Launch Video


CREAM-IV shift

Dear all SOC shifts,

CREAM instrument is now off for the termination on Jan.07 at 3:57(EST). We do not have shifts any more.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Best regards,
Ji Hye

Re: CREAM-IV flight termination at 4:30 AM


Now the CREAM-IV instrument is off including SFC. It was January 7th 3:34 AM (EST) when the instrument HV/Bias shutdown had started.

And the CDM has started shutting down around 4:05 AM (EST).

Thanks. MooHyun.

CREAM-IV flight termination at 4:30 AM


The SOC has started the shutdown procedure of the CREAM-IV science instruments from the request of the WFF ESC in order to have the CREAM-IV flight to be terminated at 4:30 AM (EST). We are now waiting for the calorimeter HV ramping down.

Best, MooHyun.

Current Status

Michel has arrived yesterday by 20:00 with Dave. He will pass the Snow School on Tuesday-Wednesday. This morning we had a meeting at Crary with Rich and Michel to discuss the recovery preparation. Rich will start collecting the additional items we need from BFC etc. (see the list I attached), based on the CREAM-II (and III?) recovery Field gear list I made together with Tina last time I was doing the recovery. We will make a final list when more accurate information on the termination/recovery site and conditions will be available. Tomorrow we will meet at 7:30 (at Crary) for another meeting with Dave and Rich (Michel Matt, and me), and then will go to the Willy to work on recovery tools and gear (priority ordering, packing, weighing and tagging).